heeheee what would you do if you get stuck in a public toilet with key?

heeheee~ that’s an interesting situation you came up with. :3

Hm… jumping at him screaming “I like dirty & small places too” wouldn’t gain me much I think.  XDDD

I don’t like being locked up but I’d take the chance to talk to him in all honesty. I would probably sit down on the ground (uuh~ dirty) and ask him strange questions à la “what is the real Kibum like” and so on. After we were released from this inconvenient situation I really want to go out for some drinks with him. I think drunk Kibum must be the best. 

I really want to be a friend to him so I would get blessed with his caring love for the people around him. :3 Apparently I don’t want to make out with him in a dirty way (at first heehee) but more like getting to know his true colors. ❤

  1. ki-ssi said: dude that is so sweet <:’D but yes getting to know him would be so much more better than being seen as a another crazy fan ; u ;
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