Alright time for honesty - is there anything that bothers you about Key if yes what? ^^

Bothering like getting annoyed about an attitude? That’s indeed a tough question, my dear. 

Actually I adore that boy to a point it’s no longer healthy or even reasoable but there’s one thing that concerns me:

I think Kibum has the same attitude towards his looks (hair) as many girls. I personally think that changing hair often means your not satisfied with your self and you actually want to change yourself but since you can’t you want to at least change your outer appearance. I think he tries to hide himself behind his dyed hair and the contacts and all the make-up.

In my point-of-view he’s a very gentle, shy boy with a low self-esteem that hides behind his stage name “Key”. He’s a very handsome young boy that don’t has to do this.

That’s more worrying than actually being annoyed, isn’t it?


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